A grand challenge in the field of ultrafast manipulation of magnetism is to coherently switch magnetic order in materials at THz speeds. Directly coupling an intense THz wave to a material of interest is a promising approach yet challenging since this requires THz waves with extremely large field strengths. To address this, new magnetic materials that can be switched at lower fields need to be synthesized and studied. Moreover, new heterostructures involving metallic antennas are required that can potentially enhance THz field strengths. In this work, we aim to develop hybrid THz photonic/intercalated transition metal dichalcogenide (I-TMD) structures to resonantly enhance field strengths directly on a magnetic material in order to switch its magnetic orientation using coherent THz light. From a broad view, our approach will promote hybrid photonic/magnetic architectures that can enable coherent ultrafast control of magnetic order in a variety of materials. This project unites two researchers with complementary expertise in THz and ultrafast spectroscopy (PI Mahmood) and photonic metamaterial structures (co-PI Goddard) to develop cutting-edge methods for THz control of quantum matter. Our collaborative interdisciplinary team promises to bring synergistic interactions to the I-MRSEC.

THz magnetic switching of intercalated transition metal dichalcogenides (I-TMDs)
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