I-MRSEC IRG2 graduate student Edmund Han was awarded the Spring 2020 Materials Research Society's Graduate Student Gold Award. Han is one of only seven recipients of the Spring 2020 award; he was selected after all finalists presented their research before judges who selected winners based on criteria of exhibiting "excellence in the conduct of materials research" and "promise for future substantial achievement in materials research."

Han carries out research in Prof. Pinshane Huang's laboratory. He explains, "I use electron microscopy to investigate the bending properties of atomically-thin, two-dimensional (2D) materials. From my research, we find that 2D materials have a different bending mechanism than typical bulk materials which enables them to be among the most flexible electronic materials known." Now that this mechanism has been uncovered, his next plans are to see how this bending affects the electronic properties.

When asked for advice on being successful in research, Han acknowledges the importance of being part of a supportive community, both utilizing and contributing to that network of support. He shared, "My colleagues have supported me through difficult and stressful times during my PhD, and their different knowledge and perspectives have also helped me tremendously in my research. Don’t be afraid to share your progress, struggles, and insight with your colleagues. We are here to help and support each other."

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