Alessandro Benadia
University of Florida, ’20 Materials Science

Faculty mentor: Prof. Pinshane Huang
Graduate mentor: Edmund Han

Project: “The Effect of O2 Plasma Treatment of SiO 2
Substrates for the CVD Growth of Continuous Multilayer MoS 2


Scott Berens
University of Minnesota, ’20 Chemical Engineering and Materials Science

Faculty mentor: Prof. Daniel Shoemaker
Graduate mentor: Manohar Karigerasi

Project: “Solid state chemical synthesis of metallic room-temperature antiferromagnets”


Michael Castells
Harper College
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, ’20 Aerospace Engineering

Faculty mentor: Prof. David Cahill
Graduate mentor: Kexin Yang

Project: “Characterizing antiferromagnetic thin films with Rutherford Backscattering Spectroscopy”


Caitlin Coplan
University of Utah, ’19 Chemistry

Faculty mentor: Prof. Catherine Murphy
Graduate mentor: Matthew Gole

Project: “Analysis of protein interactions with crumpled graphene surfaces”


Idonis Curtis
University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, Physics and Mechanical Engineering, ‘20

Faculty mentor: Prof. Arend van der Zande
Graduate mentor: Paulo Furlanetto Ferrari

Project: “The effect of graphene functionalization on its interaction with biomolecules”


Levi Humbard
Pittsburg State (KS), Physics

Faculty mentor: Prof. Nadya Mason
Graduate and postdoc mentors: Dr. Vincent Humbert, Junseok Oh, and Dr. Joseph Sklenar

Project: “Effects of thickness gradient on magnetoresistance in a Co/Pt multilayer“

Julie Lorenzo

Julie Lorenzo
Harper College
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, ’20 Civil and Environmental Engineering

Faculty mentor: Prof. SungWoo Nam
Graduate mentor: Juyoung Leem

Cyerra Prevo

Cyerra Prevo
Grambling State University, Physics/Mathematics and Chemistry (Fall) ‘18

Faculty mentor: Prof. Virginia Lorenz
Graduate mentor: Kathleen Oolman

Project: “A computational model of the longitudinal magneto-optical Kerr Effect of Co/Cu/Co synthetic antiferromagnetic thin films“

Ashley Walker

Ashley Walker
Albany State University (GA), Chemistry and Forensic Science (Fall) ‘18

Faculty mentor: Prof. Rashid Bashir
Postdoc mentor: Dr. Michael Hwang

Project: “Fabrication and characterization of crumpled graphene field-effect transistors”