A grand challenge in the field of bioelectronics is to develop soft, deformable, and adaptive materials with a wide range of functionality. In order to address this challenge, new electronic materials need to be invented to closely mimic the mechanical properties (e.g. modulus) of biological membranes and tissues. Moreover, new chemistries and functionalities are critically required to generate intimate and robust bio-electronic interfaces between traditionally disparate materials. In this work, we aim to develop two-dimensional (2D), highly deformable electronics with bioactive chemistries capable of strong, specific, and responsive dynamic interactions with biomaterials. Our unique approach aims to build in strong and specific molecular contacts and recognition between 2D electronics and biomaterials. From a broad view, our approach will promote functional adhesion between materials to enable truly deformable electronic interfaces and impart new signal transduction pathways under biochemical/mechanical stimuli. This project unites two researchers with complementary expertise in dynamic molecular assembly and solution printing of organic electronics (PI Diao) and single molecule studies of biopolymers and soft biological materials (co-PI Schroeder) in order to develop cutting-edge methods for printing 2D nanostructured and bioactive electronic materials. The collaborative team promises to bring synergistic interactions and new directions to the already impressive I-MRSEC at Illinois.

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