Magnetic Fields is a web series created by the Illinois MRSEC in partnership with Director John Isberg. The series follows a high school student and her friends as they work on a class science project, visit the MRSEC, and encounter a strange new material.
Title screen of web episode series that reads "Magnetic Fields"

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Magnetic Fields Gallery

Still shots from the series:

Three stills from episode series. First is a group of middle school aged students grouped around a table in a garage. The second is a photo of two graduate students doing a presentation. The third is one middle school student standing in the garage.




Photos from pre-production and production phase:

Three still shots from the series: First is a photo of the students at a science event learning about magnets from a graduate student. The middle is a photo of a park with one of the students walking in the distance. The third is the teacher at the front of the classroom.