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All work primarily or partially supported by the MRSEC grant MUST include the following acknowledgement: "This research was primarily (partially) supported by the NSF through the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Materials Research Science and Engineering Center DMR-2309037." For research performed using MRSEC supported facilities (instrumental or computational), please include the following text: "The authors acknowledge the use of facilities and instrumentation supported by NSF through the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Materials Research Science and Engineering Center DMR-2309037."

IRG Publications
O. Tosun, P. Sarkar, C. Qian, M. Gilbert, Q. Chen, and N. Mason
Tunable magnetic confinement effect in a magnetic superlattice of graphene
npj 2D Materials and Applications 8 (2024)
E. Choping, J. Park, C. Wong, and A. Schleife
First-principles study of the elastic tensor of GaP at high electronic temperature
MRS Advances (2024)
Y. Lv, S. Shim, J. Gibbons, A. Hoffmann, N. Mason, and F. Mahmood
Ultrafast THz emission spectroscopy of spin currents in the metamagnet FeRh
APL Materials 12 (2024)
A. Shukla, S. Qian, and S. Rakheja
Impact of strain on the SOT-driven dynamics of thin film Mn3Sn
Journal of Applied Physics 135 (2024)
R. Sun, K. S. Park, A. H. Comstock, A. McConnell, Y. Chen, P. Zhang, D. Beratan, W. You, A. Hoffmann, Z. Yu, Y. Diao, and D. Sun
Inverse chirality-induced spin selectivity effect in chiral assemblies of π-conjugated polymers
Nature Materials (2024)
Seed Publications
O. Dubinkin, and T. L. Hughes
Entanglement signatures of multipolar higher-order topological phases
Physical Review B 108 (2023)
D. W. Davies, B. Seo, S. K. Park, S. B. Shiring, H. Chung, P. Kafle, D. Yuan, J. W. Strzalka, R. Weber, X. Zhu, B. M. Savoie, and Y. Diao
Unraveling two distinct polymorph transition mechanisms in one n-type single crystal for dynamic electronics
Nature Communications 14 (2023)
Y. You, J. Bibo, F. Pollmann, and T. L. Hughes
Fracton critical point at a higher-order topological phase transition
Physical Review B 106 (2022)
P. Kafle, S. Huang, K. S. Park, F. Zhang, H. Yu, C. E. Kasprzak, H. Kim, C. M. Schroeder, A. M. van der Zande, and Y. Diao
Role of Interfacial Interactions in the Graphene-Directed Assembly of Monolayer Conjugated Polymers
Langmuir 38 6984-6995 (2022)
L. Aggarwal, P. Zhu, T. L. Hughes, and V. Madhavan
Evidence for higher order topology in Bi and Bi0.92Sb0.08
Nature Communications 12 (2021)
Shared Facility Publications
H. Ni, R. Yuan, J. Zhang, and J. Zuo
Framework of compressive sensing and data compression for 4D-STEM
Ultramicroscopy 259 113938 (2024)
M. T. Konnik, T. Oldham, A. Rzepka, V. Le Maout, K. A. Stephani, and F. Panerai
High-temperature oxidation and nitridation of substoichiometric zirconium carbide in isothermal air
Journal of the European Ceramic Society (2024)
Z. W. Riedel, and D. P. Shoemaker
Design Rules, Accurate Enthalpy Prediction, and Synthesis of Stoichiometric Eu3+ Quantum Memory Candidates
Journal of the American Chemical Society 146 2113-2121 (2024)
Y. Nie, Y. T. Chang, and M. A. Charpagne
Functionally graded stainless steels with tailored grain boundary serration
Scripta Materialia 237 115714 (2023)
Y. Lin, C. Juarez-Yescas, K. Lan, P. V. Braun, J. A. Krogstad, and N. H. Perry
Isolation of Grain versus Intergranular Transport in Li1+xTixTa1–xSiO5 Suggests Concerted Ion Migration in a High-Voltage Stable Electrolyte from High-Throughput Descriptors
ACS Applied Energy Materials 6 11468-11480 (2023)