University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Illinois Materials Research Science and Engineering Center

TDTR is a modality of femtosecond pump/probe spectroscopy. It is used to observe optically-induced changes in optical properties on a 100’s of fs time-scale. Primarily applied to study thermal properties of thin films and across interfaces, our custom-built instruments also allow for time-resolved magneto-optical Kerr-effect measurements. Our two color setup, with pump and probe at different wavelengths (820 nm and 633 nm, currently), is based on the Spectra-Physics Inspire OPO system that generates multiple (up to 4) ultrashort (100-200fs) optical pulses at different wavelengths within a wide tunability range of 490-2500nm.

This equipment was funded through the Illinois MRSEC NSF Award Number DMR-2309037. Its use should be acknowledged in any published works, with the wording: “The authors acknowledge the use of facilities and instrumentation at the Materials Research Laboratory Central Research Facilities, University of Illinois, partially supported by NSF through the University of Illinois Materials Research Science and Engineering Center DMR-2309037.” Please also send a copy of the publication (email or hard copy), or the publication information (citation, DOI, or conference name and paper/poster title) to [email protected].