University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Illinois Materials Research Science and Engineering Center
Spectroscopy Tool
This system is used to study the magneto-optic response and heat capacity of materials through time-domain thermoreflectance and magneto-optic Kerr effect measurements. A scanning imaging system that uses the infrared output of the OPO system enables fast and high-resolution imaging of magnetic order. This tool is located in the MRL laser facility.
Deposition Tool
This is a multi-target sputter deposition system for synthesizing magnetic thin films. This tool is located in the MRL central facilities in room 336 MRL.
Multi-chamber glove box with an in-situ microscope, 2D material transfer station, spinner and thermal evaporator. This integrated system allows for the manufacture of ultra-clean 2D heterostructures and devices and working with air-sensitive nanomaterials.
Atomic Force Microscope
The NT-MDT AFM has built in all the standard scanned probe measurement capabilities including topography imaging, nanomechanical indentation and shear, and electrical imaging. It is primarily used for topography analysis of 2D materials and testing the cleanliness of 2D heterostructures.
Plasma System
The Plasma Etch is a 25 W direct oxygen plasma system primarily used for etching 2D materials and cleaning polymer residue from dirty samples.
Plasma System
The Tergeo Plasma Cleaner is capable of direct or indirect oxygen or hydrogen plasmas. It is primarily used for chemical modification of 2D material surfaces, e.g. oxidization of chalcogenides or hydrogenation of graphene.

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